What are the oldest moving companies in Egypt

the oldest moving companies in Egypt

Do you know the history of furniture transport companies in Egypt?

Hiring a furniture moving companies in Egypt is part of daily life for both individuals and companies. However, many people probably don’t know how moving companies got started and the interesting history of moving services as a profession. Modern transport companies with their large trucks and trailers are just an extension of the first rental transport companies that started in a more humble way. We are proud that we are the pioneers of furniture transport companies present in the transportation services market in Egypt.

National was founded by the Karim Gamal brothers in 1891 and is the oldest domestic transportation company currently operating in Egypt. All furniture moving services provide a moving service (moving furniture inside Egypt). They will send a container to your home, you will load it and they will drive. The business model has served them well and they are the second largest moving company in Egypt after Mazaya Movers.

Where Mazaya Company sits on the throne of the Egyptian market in the field of furniture lifting winches, but it found a strong competitor in Egypt, which is the National Furniture Lifting Company, which managed to rise to the second position in the Egyptian market in a very short period, and with the strong competition between the two companies, especially in In the field of providing a winch service for lifting furniture, we decided to make a comparison between both companies and clarify the strengths and weaknesses of both companies.

The first moves for long distances within Cairo and the regions

the oldest moving companies in Egypt
the oldest moving companies in Egypt

Although the first real moving services didn’t exist until the 1940’s, the early “moving companies” started out in a very humble and practical way. When the West was well settled in the 19th century before the transcontinental railroad was built, people gathered all their belongings, put them into covered wagons specially designed to haul home furnishings, and headed out West using only horsepower. The wagon trains, which were groups of families moving west towards Aswan and Luxor, worked together, making loading, traveling and unloading much easier for all concerned who worked as a group and then we started establishing our first branches in Cairo and Giza.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, 3,848 trucks are in operation across the country. Although their services seem to save you money most of the time, they don’t. The cost of running such a business is very high, and these prices are passed on to the customer. We are the best furniture moving company in Egypt.

Their business model is perfect for anyone who doesn’t trust going with a moving company they don’t know inside Egypt. It is one of the most famous names in the transportation field in Egypt. With more than 3,759 trucks, it makes it the third largest transportation company in Egypt. The company was established in 1948 by a group of local transportation companies.

The oldest shipping company in Cairo

The oldest shipping company in Cairo, the prices of shipping companies, quality of service, speed, and other factors, such as being the oldest and most prestigious furniture transport company in the whole of Egypt, are the most important things that the customer thinks about before contracting with shipping companies to deliver his products, and this is of course a priority for any profitable project in order to achieve the expected profits from the project By delivering products safely and at the lowest cost to customers, according to his location and the locations of his target customers. Here are the most famous and best domestic and international shipping companies that provide shipping service in Egypt.

the oldest moving companies in Egypt
the oldest moving companies in Egypt

Transportation technologies have evolved dramatically since the inception of the industry. The early settlers on the western frontier could not have expected a vehicle that could cross the entire country in a couple of days, let alone a flying vehicle that could accomplish the same feat in just hours! We have all means of moving furniture internally and externally.

Who does not need a shipping company inside Egypt to be able to deliver products to customers, so here are the best shipping companies in Egypt and their prices, which are divided into air freight companies, as well as furniture transport companies and shipping various goods such as clothes, electrical appliances, food, and others.

Is the oldest furniture moving company in Egypt still serving until now?

Of course, there are internal shipping companies and others that specialize in international shipping, where you can ship products abroad. Certainly, the number of shipping companies has increased with the increase in the e-commerce market via the Internet. What matters to anyone, before contracting with shipping companies, is to choose a company that provides good service and maintains its own products.

the oldest moving companies in Egypt
the oldest moving companies in Egypt

It provides a good return to customers, and it is certainly important to know the prices of shipping companies, as it is also one of the things that is taken into account, because this depends on the profit margin that the owner of the product may achieve, and it may affect the extent of the customer’s ability to receive the product to accept the cost of shipping.

Therefore, if you want to get a winch to lift furniture of the excellent category at a cheap price, the choice will be for the National Furniture Transport Company, and I suggest that you go directly to the National Furniture Transport Company headquarters and make a specific agreement with them on the date of moving the furniture.

But if you want a group of home services related to moving furniture together, and the prices of those services are cheap, then the choice will be for Mazaya Furniture Moving Company, as it is much better and with reasonable prices, many distinct services and a variety of services related to moving furniture such as furniture transportation services, luggage packaging, and technicians in other fields.

  • Sustainable logistics services Environmentally friendly shipping services to help you provide the best to your customers and increase your profits, without any harm to the environment or society.
  • Flexible Solutions Tailor-made solutions to suit customer needs.
  • Reliable supply chains Logistics solutions you can count on, to quickly meet market demands.
  • Providing high quality services and specifications that are not comparable to other luggage lifting winch companies
  • It relies on trained workers, strong furniture lifting cranes, and an integrated land transport fleet
  • It provides many services in all its branches all over Egypt

The impact of the two world wars on furniture transportation services in Egypt

During World War I, almost all motorized vehicles were used in support of the war effort, which delayed the development of actual transportation services in Egypt. There was still a demand for transportation services by Egyptians and immigrants to Egypt and the occupied countries, which left most people moving in the options of horses and carts or freight via trains and neglected to request furniture transportation services from goods transport companies. Many who could not afford to ship large items had to buy or build new furniture when they reached their destinations across the country.

Moving furniture in ancient Egypt

Moving furniture in ancient Egypt
Moving furniture in ancient Egypt

In the early 20th century, a few small carriers felt that local trucking could be less expensive than the train, and began offering public transportation services. These were the first organized carriers. They did a very good job, as the service was in high demand. This fledgling business really thrived after the Second World War ended, when thousands of young soldiers returned from the war. These men are back, ready to find jobs, start families, and find homes for their families. This has greatly increased the demand for family moving services across the country.

Moving companies are springing up all over Egypt, including some of the original services that are still operating today. Over time, as demand increased and bigger and better trucks became available, the moving industry as it is known today emerged.

Today’s carriers are very different from those of the past, although their purpose has always been the same. Fortunately, with improved vehicle technology and better transportation methods in general, transportation services are more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. So the next time you need a moving company to move a home or a business, contact Modern Day “Covered Wagon Moving Service” and schedule your move with one of the best professional movers in the area!.

Ancient and modern means of transportation

Since ancient times, man has used the simplest, most common and primitive means, which is walking on foot, then he used animals such as horses and donkeys in his movements, then with the invention of the wheel in the year 3500 BC

  The way people traveled and moved things changed, as it became possible to transport heavy loads quickly and easily, and carts with two and four wheels pulled by horses or oxen were made to transport people for long distances, then the cart developed into a bus that could carry eight people, in addition to land transportation

Moving furniture in ancient Egypt
Moving furniture in ancient Egypt

Man took advantage of the sea in the past, so he made simple boats for his maritime movements, and with the advent of steam engines, boats developed into large steam boats called steamboats, sufficient for large numbers of people, and in 1769 AD a French man named Nicholas Joseph tried to connect a steam engine and a wagon, and succeeded in inventing the first car, but unfortunately it was The weight of the engine is heavy and therefore it was not a practical invention, and after many attempts the internal combustion engine was invented, and the first gasoline-powered car was manufactured, but at that time it was not a widely adopted means of transportation. Only locomotives remained powered by the steam engine and were an effective means of mass transportation, especially after the construction of the railways.

modern transportation

The means of transportation evolved with the development of mankind, in addition to the expansion of understanding and culture, many of them became extinct, and a lot was also invented to meet the increasing demands due to social growth and technology. Many streets were paved with tar to facilitate the movement of cars, and gliders were built in 1862 AD, and after that the balloons were built in 1900 A.D., and by 1911 A.D. diesel-engined ships and gas-engined cars were launched, transport planes and jet planes were built, we also had nuclear-powered submarines, the moon was landed using the space shuttle, the express train was launched and the Concorde plane, which exceeded its speed Voice for passenger transportation.

Wild collars in Egypt varied according to the environment that determined them. Traveling across the desert was done by well-known desert roads, and coastal and delta roads were also known. The words denoting the land roads were (Ibt, Wat, Watun, Dat, Metn, Hamet), and the desert was called the Red Land.

The roads of the eastern desert from the Nile were characterized by the emergence of mountains, plateaus and valleys, and they were rich in various quarries (limestone, sandstone, quartzite, alabaster, and minerals such as gold, silver, lead and precious stones). From there the ships headed for Puntland.

The Nile was more important than all land routes for transportation; It and its branches were the largest commercial and public transportation methods, and the most important words indicating water transport were (Majt, passed, Marwat, Hurt, Zinti for transportation against the current, Zadi for transportation with the current).

Boats of various sizes were the means for people to move across the Nile between important cities and nearby areas, whether for public or commercial purposes.

As for the seas, the Mediterranean and the Red, they were mainly for foreign merchant fleets.

The Nile was a means of transporting stones, goods, statues and obelisks, which linked Egypt to Nubia and Sudan. The Red Sea was a means of communication with Puntland and of access to the gold and turquoise mines in Serabit el-Khadim and Wadi Maghara in the Sinai Peninsula.

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